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Sanitation simply becomes more effective when conditions work in our favor. Smooth, non-volatile surfacing is the best way to keep things clean, and terrazzo has both these characteristics in its favor. Spills, messes and contamination accidents happen. Not preparing your facilities is like asking to lose money in maintaining them, so think about terrazzo. Cleaning up is simple, a mop or regular floor cleaner should do and, though the substance spilled may very well make such methods impractical, it will never render terrazzo floors permanently damaged. When accidents do occur, their aftermath can wreak havoc far longer than their immediate duration but not with terrazzo, which remains impermeable to contaminants, regardless of whether they’re inanimate or living. Microbes that feed off common contaminants and thrive on floor treatments that let them gain an easy foothold find themselves utterly homeless in terrazzo environments, and we shouldn’t feel bad for them. They can find some other place to spoil. Patrons of modern offices, retail centers and health care facilities shouldn’t have to deal with a germ-filled environment. Floor sanitation is of extreme concern in places frequented by large numbers of people. Local sanitation rules aside, common allergens can make a business unbearable and dirt often renders commerce unappealing. Help those who visit you feel welcome by creating a warm locale that doesn’t collect dirt. Terrazzo’s composition and our installation make sanitation a breeze. Our flooring eliminates messes by ensuring they never have the chance to build.
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