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Low Maintainance

Floors collect a lot of dirt after long hours of being walked over by shoes which have themselves traveled miles. In almost all homes and facilities, floor cleaning is an unavoidable fact of life. Lowering the amount of work such cleaning takes is simple. Terrazzo floors keep foreign materials from settling by being extremely smooth. Solid flooring keeps dirt moving. While traction remains high, lightweight dust and even heavier debris can be easily brushed aside. Stains and spills, ever-present threats in the presence of carpets, are extremely improbable around terrazzo. In addition to being firmly non-absorbent, many of our floor coverings are chemically neutral. Their use in laboratories, factories and industrial manufacturing plants is thus just as natural as their inclusion at various facilities where bio-hazard handling is routine. Volatile substances and biological contaminants are indeed stain-causers, but they’re also unsanitary. Because many floors are made of materials that can be damaged by these substances while absorbing them, post-accident cleanup is a nightmare. Terrazzo flooring makes cleanup fast and routine, ensuring that strict regulatory codes and practices can be adhered to flawlessly. Using stone and other hard materials suspended in a supportive matrix of elastic epoxies or resilient resins has convenient advantages. Seamless terrazzo installations with perfect fitting increase the simplicity of buildings whose floors cost a maintenance staff time and money. Try terrazzo today. After your emergency clean-up routine becomes just as easy as your regular mess-handling methods, you’ll understand exactly why so many builders use it.
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