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High Design

Terrazzo is the flooring material that can be used for the creation of virtually any design. Practical or aesthetically-pleasing, minimalist or ornate – the floor pattern you are dreaming of can be created through the use of Terrazzo. Terrazzo brags a virtually unlimited color palette. The ability to form detailed designs combines with the richness of shades to create both visually impactful and practical floors. These floors are successfully used in hospitals. The patterns incorporate directions that help patients and staff get around effortlessly. Hospitals and units for children feature bright, animated and playful floors. Corporate lobbies can offer vibrant, rich designs as well. The tiles and molded Terrazzo shapes will create any realistic or dreamy visual that will enhance the interior design of the venue. Facilities use Terrazzo floors to put emphasis on their heritage, corporate history, values and norms that regulate functioning and affect their professional appearance. Terrazzo offers the flexibility and visuals that make all these designs possible. The appearance of this flooring material gives a rich sensation, while the practical qualities of Terrazzo make it easy to maintain and keep its top quality over long periods of time. The unlimited color range and materials used to make Terrazzo floors set the tone, whether it is bold, calm, modern or aristocratic. Choose among mother-of-pearl, marble, recycled glass and even crushed glass. Name the sentiment that you want to achieve through your floor pattern – Terrazzo can be used to achieve it. Durability and sensational appearance will come together.
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