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What is Terrazzo?


what is terrazzo

Originating in Europe around the 15th century, terrazzo was once used exclusively in churches, libraries, government and commercial buildings. Terrazzo essentially means terrace, and Venetian construction workers used misshapen, broken remnants of marble to create floors. Since these chips were set in clay, the texture was naturally rough, so the men rubbed the surface with hand stones until a smoother, flat area was revealed. Read More

Terrazzo Flooring

what is terrazzo

Terrazzo is an extremely versatile material, which is applied to floors and other surfaces, made into tiles or cast into molds to almost any shape. 
It is one of the most widely used of hard flooring, especially in heavily trafficked areas, typically found in shopping malls, airports, railway and subway stations, hospitals and supermarkets. Read More

Terrazzo Counter-Top

what is terrazzo

Recycled glass countertop is an eco-friendly option for kitchen, workspace and facility remodels. Made in the USA from recycled glass chips, Terrazzo Countertops are manufactured with green practices in mind and comply with LEED certificates. Polished for a completely smooth surface, Terrazzo Countertop adds beauty and dimension to any space. Read More

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