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How to Install Terrazzo?

Surface Preparation: Surface preparation is considered to be the most important step of any resinous flooring application. Improper surface preparation could turn what seems to be a simple process into a lengthy, difficult repair. Moisture related failures can be prevented through placing new concrete over an efficient vapor barrier. Picture H1 Surface Preparation
Crack Detailing: Clear any loose concrete with shot blasting and mitigate any cracking in the concrete subfloor with a crack suppression system. Picture H2 Crack Detailing

Strip Layout:

Strip Layout can be customized to show logos, images and any creative designs. Utilize a strip for each color change, and then strips as a part of the design, and then control the expansion joints. Divider strips can be zinc, aluminum, brass or plastic in sizes of 16 ga. (1/16”), 1/8”, 1/4”. The strips should be bonded with adhesive or hot glue (no mechanically attach). Picture H3-1 Strip Layout                                           Picture H3-2 Strip Layout Finished
Mixing: Carefully measure out the “A” resin and the “B” hardener into two other containers. Always pour the “A” first and then the “B”.  Add the powder and aggregates until you get the necessary density. Utilize aggregate blend- not all one size. Aggregate Size Chart Aggregate Types
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Mother of Pearl
  • Glass
  • Recycled Glass
Picture 4-1 Mixing Epoxy                Picture 4-2 Mixing Aggregates with Epoxy
Pouring: The epoxy matrix is spread across the membrane with a trowel. Picture 5 Pouring
Grinding: The epoxy is ground smooth with diamonds or carborundum and plastic disks progressively from 25 to 400 grit.
Grouting: During the grinding stage, an epoxy grout is applied to remove any pinholes.
Polish and Sealer: Applying the sealer before the final wax coat and polish. So, what’s the end result of all this effort? Terrazzo installation incorporates so many steps for a very good reason. The installations we perform have at their hearts the goal of providing buildings with flooring solutions that won’t change with the seasons. Seamless installations that rely on clearly-defined metal stripping to set areas apart are more constant, remaining clean in the midst of dirty shoes and maintaining their form and shape where other substances would expand and contract. The terrazzo installation method is made to keep up appearances as well as ensure convenience. Terrazzo allows builders to approach flooring jobs in sections, leaving them with absolute control over every component. Color treatments, logos and graded variations that are impossible with the finest tile or wood flooring systems are easy to execute when terrazzo is the medium of choice. Terrazzo installations are completed simply and quickly, regardless of stain-proofing requirements, artwork inclusion or the addition of other special features. Structuring our installations so that each step is performed separately allows us to modify the end product at many points along the way. As a result, we’re able to offer our consumers low installation prices that never come at the expense of quality or the durability terrazzo is so prized for. Terrazzo is your personal gateway into the world of functional interior design. From installation to the days when your building staff permanently enjoys a clean work area that’s easy to keep up, your investment will be well-placed.
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