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Terrazzo Today is your number one source for terrazzo supplies, selling ten types of marble chips, six kinds of recycled glass chips and six styles of decorative aggregates or crushed aggregate including garden rocks. Used in specific applications to create walls, floors, stairs or counter tops  this decorative aggregate is installed in terrazzo for a lifetime of beauty, color and durability.All terrazzo aggregate is not created equal. For as many different types of chips or stones used, there are also a number of ways to install. The thickness and detail of the finished surface is always considered before a project begins, as well as intended use, fading, maintenance and long-term durability. Using a variety of substances adds depth and accented color of superior quality and dimension. Specialty colors and sizes are available through us, and we provide extremely fine materials. There is a difference with terrazzo chips, which are graded by number in coordination with industry standards, adopted by marble producers. A completed floor, for example, must have a minimum of 70% chip density on its surface. When laying a standard foundation, the terrazzo will contain #1 and #2 small marble chips, while the Venetian patterns use larger #3 through #7 pieces. Palladiana also consists of marble, but is fractured with a more mosaic pattern, while Rustic terrazzo is more textured, making it excellent for high traffic areas.

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